2018 School Fees

  • Full day R3800-00 monthly.
  • Half day R3300-00 monthly.
  • Resource fee R350-00 termly.

2017 School Fees

  • A R500-00 non-refundable registration fee is required.
  • School fees are payable at the beginning of the month for the month over 12 months.
  • School fees are due by the 3rd of each month.
  • Penalties are issued for late payments.
  • One month’s written notice is to be given if you are taking your child out of the school. However notice will not be accepted as from October.
  • Full Day R3800-00.
  • Half Day R3300-00.
  • Resource fee R350-00 termly. This fee is for paper, photocopying, making of equipment, Wi-Fi etc.
  • 5% off for a once off yearly payment.
  • 5% off second child’s school fee.