Admissions Policy


This policy is relevant to:

Special needs learners aged 3 years -18 years.


The purpose of this policy to provide a framework and guidelines for learners wanting to enrol at Optim-Ed Learning Centre.

Administration Of Admissions

  • The principal of Optim-Ed Learning Centre will determine the process of registration for learners wanting to enroll at Optim-Ed Learning Centre to ensure that the process is done in a timely and effective manner.
  • Learners may enrol at any time throughout the school year.
  • The admission policy may not unfairly discriminate in anyway against any applicant for admission.
  • A learner is admitted to the total school programme but may be suspended if:

  • The learner and family do not abide by the rules and regulations set out by Optim-Ed Learning Centre.
  • Policies of the centre are not adhered to.
  • School fees are not paid by the 3rd of each month.
  • Refuse to sign admission contract.
  • A baseline assessment test will be done on all learner.
  • Optim-Ed Learning Centre may request an admissions test to determine placement of learner.
  • Optim-Ed Learning Centre may request a 5 day observation period to determine if the child is a candidate for our school.
  • An enrolment application does not mean automatic acceptance and enrollment
  • All learners who apply and qualify will be admitted to the centre in writing.
  • The learners name will be removed from the Centres admission list when:

  • The learner leaves the centre.
  • Transfers to another school.
  • Asked to leave
  • Optim-Ed Learning Centre may report learners of a school going age who fail to report to school to the Department of Education.

Documents required for admission of a learner

  • Parent/guardian of a learner must complete an application form supplied by Optim-Ed Learning Centre together with the school rules and admission policy. Assistance must be given to parents regarding the completion of the application form.
  • A copy of both parents ID’s the learners birth certificate as well as a copy of the learners clinic card(must be up to date).

Admission of non-citizens

  • All policy guidelines will apply to non-citizens and a copy of both parents’ passports is required.

Learner with special needs

  • No learner with special needs will be denied access to Optim-Ed Learning Centre unless they fail to meet the Centres requirements.
  • Optim-Ed Learning Centre encourages learners to be assessed by an external professional to aid with placement.
  • Special need learners may be asked to leave if they become a danger to staff, themselves or other learners.


  • Zoning will not affect learner admission to the Centre, learners from all areas may apply.
  • Admission will apply on a first come first serve basis.
  • learners will only be collected from schools within the area as stipulated by the principal.

Registration of admission

  • Once a learner is accepted and all relevant documentation completed they will receive a welcome letter stating that they have been admitted.
  • New admission will be placed on record.

Rights and obligations of parents

  • It is the parents responsibility to ensure that their child is enrolled and that all relevant documentation has been completed.
  • It is the parents responsibility to keep all personal information up to date.
  • Parents are responsible for school fees and any other monies that may be due.
  • Parents have an obligation to support their children to attend school regularly.
  • It is the parent’s responsibility to attend school functions and to stay up to date with school policies and procedure.

Right to appeal

  • Parents have the right to appeal the decision of Optim-Ed Learning Centre to refuse admission of a learner; this must be done in writing.