Hiv/Aids Policy


This policy is relevant to:

Special needs learners aged 3 years -18 years

Staff employed by Optim-Ed Learning Centre.

Parents/ guardians of Learners at Optim-Ed Learning Centre.


Optim-Ed learning Centre strives to acknowledge and deal with the impact of HIV/AIDS by:

  • Providing information about the disease to all learners, staff and interested parents.
  • Through education and furtherance of the Christian ethos to prevent the transmission of HIV.
  • Provide reasonable safeguards to prevent exposure to the virus by the provision of universal precautions throughout the school.
  • Ensuring that there is no discrimination against learners, parents or staff.


  • 'School’ is taken to mean Optim-Ed Learning Centre.
  • 'HIV’ virus means human immune deficiency.
  • 'Aids’ means acquired immune deficiency syndrome which is the final stage of HIV infection.
  • 'Universal precautions’ refers to the concept used worldwide to indicate the standard infection control procedures of precautionary measures aimed at the transmission of HIV transmission from one person to another this includes instruction on basic hygiene, protective clothing such as rubber gloves.
  • ‘Staff’ refers to any individual employed by Optim-Ed Learning Centre.
  • ‘Learner’ refers to any child enrolled at Optim-Ed Learning Centre.
  • ‘Open wound’ refers to any open sore, break in skin, graze
  • Bodily fluids’ refers to tears, saliva, mucus, phlegm, urine, vomit, faeces and pus.


    AIDS is a diseases caused by HIV. The HIV is spread only when an adequate amount of infected bodily fluid enters the bloodstream of a non-infected person. Main modes of transmission are:

  • Unprotected penetrative sexual intercourse where the exchange of bodily fluid take place.
  • Through accidental or deliberate shared used of HIV contaminated needles or cutting instruments
  • From infected mother to unborn infants.
  • Thorough transfusion of infected blood or blood products.


  • Testing for HIV/AIDS for employment or attendance at school is prohibited.
  • Optim-Ed Learning Centre do encourage staff, learners and parents to know their HIV status.


  • No parent, learner or staff member is compelled to disclose their HIV status.
  • Voluntary disclosure to the principal would be welcomed as to ensure confidentiality of such information and to avoid unfair discrimination.


  • No learner or staff member may be unfairly discriminated against.
  • Learners may not be denied admission into Optim-Ed Learning centre or continue attendance on account of their HIV/AIDS status.
  • No staff member may be denied employment or be dismissed on account of their HIV/AIDS status.
  • Universal precautions and control measures must be applied to all regardless of their known or unknown status.
  • All persons should be considered potentially infected and have their blood or blood products treated as such.


  • Learners must receive education regarding the schools blood policy.
  • Learners must be educated on how to deal with an accident or exposure to blood or bodily fluids.


  • Optim-Ed Learning Centre promote the application of universal precautions within the schools.
  • These precautions must be applied regardless of the know or unknown status of the individual.
  • All open wounds, blood, blood products and bodily fluid must be treated as potentially hazardous.
  • The school’s blood policy must be followed.
  • Blood spills must be handled with caution and protective clothing need to be worn when cleaned up.
  • Skin exposed to blood must be washed immediately with soap and running water.
  • All open and bleeding wounds must be cleaned and covered.
  • Blood splashes in the face must be flushed with running water.
  • Blood and blood products must be disposed of appropriately.
  • All persons attending and treating wounds or bodily fluids must at all-time wear rubber gloves.
  • Surfaces contaminated with bodily fluids must be cleaned with water and bleach.
  • Blood contaminated instruments must be cleaned with running water and bleach.
  • Optim-Ed Learning Centre will ensure that first aid kits are readily available throughout the school, and that they are checked on a regular basis.
  • Staff must be educated on HIV/AIDS and how to deal with blood and blood products.