Language Policy


This policy is relevant to:

Special needs learners aged 3 years -18 years.

Staff employed by Optim-Ed Learning Centre.


  • All official languages enjoy equal status and respect at Optim-Ed Learning Centre.
  • The principle and members of Optim-Ed Learning Centre determines the language policy. This is the language that will be used for teaching and learning at the school the language of instruction.
  • The language of instruction at Optim-Ed Learning Centre is English. Optim-Ed Learning Centre is a single medium school with English being the language of instruction.
  • Staff may not speak to learners in their vernacular language unless the staff member is aiding the learner with learning and academics.
  • All learners must be reprimanded in English.
  • Language is not an admission requirement.
  • All reports and communication with parents will be conducted in English.