Medication Policy


This policy is relevant to:

Special needs learners aged 3 years -18 years.

Staff employed by Optim-Ed Learning Centre.

Parents/ guardians of Learners at Optim-Ed Learning Centre.

This policy applies to both chronic and acute medication as well as scheduled and non-scheduled medication. (Including ointments, drops, creams)

  • No medication may be administered to a learner without written consent from parents/guardians.
  • All medication must be entered into the medication register on a daily basis.
  • The medication register must be check every morning by all teachers.
  • When medication has been administered, the person administering the medication must sign the medication register.
  • Panado can be administered for pain and fever to a learner once telephonic consent has been given by the parent/ guardian.
  • No medication may be left in a learner’s bag or class; all medication must be placed in the medication box or fridge.
  • Chronic medication can be signed off in the once off chronic medication register, It is the parents responsibility to supply the chronic medication regularly and inform management of any changes pertaining to the administration of chronic medication (a prescription from the prescribing doctor can be requested).
  • Expired medication will not be administered by Optim-Ed Learning Centre.
  • Saline and oxygen (nebulised) may be administered for learners who experience difficulty breathing.
  • The person administering the medication to the learner cannot be held responsible for any side effects that occur.