Sick And Injured Child


This policy is relevant to:

Special needs learners attending Optim-Ed Learning Centre.

Staff employed by Optim-Ed Learning Centre.

Parents/ guardians of Learners at Optim-Ed Learning Centre.

  • Optim-Ed Learning Centre encourages sick or injured children to refrain from attending school.
  • Children who feel sick or have injured themselves must be accompanied to the office by a teacher or assistant.
  • Office staff must take the learners temperature with a thermometer and record it in the incident file if sick.
  • Staff must treat the injured child accordingly as learnt in first aid.
  • The parents/guardian of the sick or injured child must be contacted and instructed to collect the child immediately. Consent to administer Panado must be obtained. Time of call and person spoken to must be recorded.
  • Sick or injured children may not be left unsupervised.
  • Universal precautions apply to staff when treating sick and injured children.
  • Management may make the decision to call an ambulance, a staff member is to escort the child.
  • No staff member may transport any sick or injured child in their car or school bus an ambulance must be called.
  • All costs involved are the responsibility of the parents or guardian.
  • Netcare 911 is Optim-Ed Learning Centres preferred service provider.
  • In the interest of public health and learner safety children displaying symptoms of communicable diseases or infestations will be sent home as a precaution.
  • Learners may not return until the incubation period is concluded.
  • Optim-Ed Learning Centre may request a doctor’s certificate indicating the child no longer poses a threat.
  • Children who have diarrhoea or who are vomiting may not be sent to school.
  • Children who have lice and nit infestations may not come to school until all the nits and lice have been removed.
  • All incidents pertaining to sick and injured children must be documented in the incident file.
  • An investigation report must be completed for serious illness and injuries.
  • Optim-Ed Learning Centre and its staff cannot be held liable for any risk of injury or death pertaining to medical conditions such as epilepsy.